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Outlet Crew

Clear Progression

For those who wants to grow and achieve more in life, we are the place to be. We have a clear progression plan moving you from the start all the way to senior management level. 

Work@holic uses a blended learning approach to apply the training principles, which means multiple methods are used to deliver training messages. These methods include the following:

  • Self-study allows crew to work independently using a standard curriculum to learn the important operational standards.

  • On-the-job coaching gives crew the opportunity to work shoulder-to-shoulder with a coach, which builds on-the-job practical skills and shows how the concepts work in real life.

  • Classroom training is a planned, instructor-facilitated event, held in our Academy located at Petaling Jaya. 

To Apply...

Step 1

Find the right role for you

Step 2

Submit your application

Step 3

Screening Assessment

Step 4

Face to face interview

If you are applying for the role of Outlet Crew or Outlet Manager, click the red button 

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