Welcome to the W Family. The Credit Back offer is an exclusive offer for selected customers & you would receive a SMS from us with the stated condition.

You might have some questions.

  • If I order delivery twice, how many Credit Back will I enjoy?

You will get 10.0 x 2 = 20.0 credit back​

  • How does the credit goes into my account?

The credit typically takes 1 working day to be processed & credited into your account​

  • Does the credit back campaign apply to all customer?

No. We try to customise different offer to different customer to make the offer more relevant. You can refer to the email on the campaign for more details

  • Is there a validity period for the credit back?

Yes, please refer to the SMS or email you have received

  • Is there a minimum amount of purchase ordered?

No there isn't​​​. 

  • How do I enjoy Zero delivery charges for my order?

Just order above 20.0 per order.

  • Do I get the same discount as when I order in store?

Yeap. 30% off gourmet food and 10% off handcrafted beverage

  • Where else can I find more details?

Contact us at general@workaholic.my

  • How do I get to W Cafe, Dataran Prima?

Just Click Here