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We are a deli-café kiosk chain committed to Helping Working People Power Through the Day with Great Food at Great Value. Founded and operated by Working People, we currently have 7 delis in offices around Klang Valley. We use only 100% Specialty Arabica Coffee and make all our gourmet sandwiches, salad & pasta fresh on site, but sell them at super reasonable price because of our unique operating model.


  • Handcrafted Beverage using traditional espresso machine and Q Graded 100% Arabica Beans from Columbia & Sumatra

  • Gourmet Sandwiches (Focaccia/Croissant) and Salads

  • Freshly Baked Pastries

Oven Baked Pastas


We serve Great food at Great Value & here’s our not so Secret:

  • Super small foot print (Reduce Rental)

  • Prepare fresh on site whenever (Fresh food and reduce cost)

  • Prepaid Beverage via Work@holic App (Optimise our purchasing thus reduce cost)

  • Friendly Efficient Staff

  • Basic Renovation (Less investment means we can sell our food cheaper)


  • KL Sentral – Menara Shell

  • KL City – Menara Citibank & Sheraton Imperial

  • Bangsar/Damansara Height – UOA Bangsar & Plaza Zurich

  • Bukit Jalil – Wisma Standard Chartered

  • Subang/Sunway – The One Academy

  • Central Kitchen – Dataran Prima, Petaling Jaya


  • Relentless Passion

  • Radical Openness

  • Positive Team & Family Spirit

  • Be Creative, Open Minded & Drive Change

  • Create Fun with a Dash of Quirkiness

  • Punch Above our Weight

  • Pursue Growth & Learning


Structured interview – You will be asked to give a “specific” example. E.g. Tell me about a time when you have to had to do something you disagree with. And there will be follow up questions on the example. The purpose of this interview is to understand your behaviour and work style, thus there is no right or wrong answer.

To answer this well, please take your time to come out with a specific example (general examples doesn’t help)


Note that your interviewer will be taking note thus might not be able to keep eye contact at all time. Cheers and good luck.


  • Confirmation & Annual Increment (Performance Dependent)

  • Training & Development

  • Medical (For Confirmed Staff)


  • Travelling Allowance (mobile staff)

  • Working Day: 5 Days Week


For outlet staff

  • Typhoid/Food Handler Training

2 Shifts 6.00am-4.00pm or 9.30am – 7.30pm


While new joiner may join our organisation at different level, the career plan is there for those who wants to grow with us. 

A candidate with zero experience in F&B enters as a Junior Crew, of which he/she has the opportunity to grow into Senior Crew within 4 weeks. We have a structured program where candidates needs to pass 9 modules that we internally refer as the Work@holic Upskill Program

For Senior Crew, those who show promises of Leadership and Competency can rise to the challenge by taking on role of Junior Outlet Manager JOM!. JOM! is the first managerial role most people would take before proceeding further up the ladder. JOM! is really the opportunity for a Work@holic demonstrate management & leadership skill and making a difference in the community that he/she manages.


ED (PADRÓN) The chief busy body who wears only white, runs around on his GS sharing his brand of dark humour and unconventional wisdom


SHAHFREEZ (Operations) The Head Honcho of Operations, Shah carries the ever intimidating aura of the Terminator while having the heart of a Teddy Bear. 


BRANDON SMITH (Business Development) The definition of Tall Dark & Handsome, Brandon charms his way to expand the Work@holic Empire while kicking off wonderful new menu like the ever lovable Chef.


KUCHAI (Ops Support) The man that makes all operations possible by supporting every nut & bolt that makes up the business. He is the one person you would trust to get anything done.

HAYEN (Marketing) Everything beautiful at Work@holic comes from only one person... The Creative Genius 

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